Send Cheap TXT Messages for just 5c (NZ)

When travelling overseas sending TXT messages can be extremely expensive (the cost of sending a TXT message from the UK from an NZ phone can be as much as 80c per message).  There is now an alternative...
With more and more cafes and bars offering FREE Wireless you can send a TXT message from our service for a fraction of the cost and catch up with friends and family without worring about the bill when you get home.  All you need is an internet connection and a browser.
Our TXT messages cost JUST 5c (NZ) per message and can even be used in New Zealand to send text messages to your friends overseas.  The cost is the same regardless of which network the message is being delivered to, there are no limitations.
We provide a very simple web form to send your TXT messages from which can be accessed easily from your mobile phone and can store all your contacts, so you don't have to remember them.

Download our TXTSMS Android™ application

We are working on an iPhone Application.
Join now and try it for FREE, upon signing up we provide you three FREE TXT messages,
so you can see how simple TXTSMS is to use.

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